Free writing method is must-have for a writer

Creativity techniques for encouraging active brains

You were asked to write an essay, deadline is getting closer and closer, but you have neither idea for the essay not desire to write it – the situation is rather common for students, isn’t it? Lack of creativity prevents you from performing the assignment though you have plenty of time, and you are not an indolent student (at least in general). Is there any way to overcome this numbing? Is it possible to apply some kind of a special technique for giving a boost to the brains?

Any professional writer can tell you that, in fact, there are plenty of techniques encouraging creativity. They are used by many of bloggers and copywriters who write for the Web, by famous authors of popular books and Hollywood scriptwriters, by marketing experts and advertising specialists. Among effective creativity techniques, which are used in various fields of activity, brainstorming mentioned, TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving), Delphi method, Lateral thinking and free writing. The latter is our choice for helping students in performing their assignments.

What is it about?

Free writing is a method of writing, which is similar to brainstorming and intended to assist in finding creative solutions and business ideas as well as in overcoming writer’s block. As an independent method free writing was formed in the 70s of the last century, largely due to Peter Elbow, a professor of English at the University of Massachusetts, and has become well known since the 90s owing to his books. Also, Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and Marc Levy’s “Accidental Genius” played a major role in popularizing of free writing. So, how does the method help to become a brilliant writer?

As you can guess from the name of the method, free writing is a kind of mechanical writing when for some time (usually 10-20 minutes) you commit to paper all thoughts coming into your head indiscriminately, without any editingand correcting grammar or style. It is considered as a simple and effective way to articulate the voice of intuitionon paperand to find solutions that are hard to plumb. Free writing release considerable mental resources needed for new experiences, knowledge and skills. To some extend this resembles defragmentation of a computer disk, which we perform from time totime to release some free space on it.

This method of writing helps to overcome apathy, stress or writer’s block reviving intellectual curiosity and desire to work (including on difficult tasks which can discourage an English essay writer by their complexity). Free writing gradually eliminates the habit to always assess a written text that usually prevents improvisation and exercising new approaches. It allows you to find new and unexpected ideas and viewpoint for working on challenging problems.

An advantageous feature of free write lies in the fact that this method helps in solving specific professional tasks and at the same time contributes to personal development making us more flexible, conscious and creative.

Free write basic rules

  • There is no need to sweat on writing — instead of setting teeth for writing, relax and give 90% try.
  • Write fast and quickly andcontinuously — when you write non-stop, you push the analytical side of your mind, which is obsessed by editing, to the sidelines, thereby giving the other side, which generate side as, the possibility to createwords freely.
  • Don’t try to write something “smart,” since free writing is just a way totrack yourthought process. So write for yourself and even if your thoughts go wild, do not stop saying “this is stupid”, but go on with writing.
  • Use timer for working in established time frame — it is Writing for short, limited periods of time (usually from ten to twenty minutes) makes your mind focus.
  • Analyze the work — at the end of the session make a break and read the text aloud. Mark out the fragments which can be saved and used in further work.If you have any ideas or questions, note them down. Think about if it is possible touse the ideas from your text for solving the problems which you are working on.

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