Management for Modern Students

Student life can be very different. It can be funny and joyful during spring breaks and tough and difficult during exams. Although we all agree that we go to colleges and universities to gain knowledge, I think you will as well agree that student years are the best years of our life. We don’t yet have nine to five job and can allow ourselves to party all night long, of course, if there is no lecture at eight a.m. next morning.

It’s natural that we want to spend time with friends in a café or cinema instead of writing some boring essay or doing a Math lab. And really, why should we, young and almost free (almost, because education is also a sort of obligation) spend all the time at the computer or in libraries, trying to memorize ancient philosophers or write a paper on political freedom in Asia?

Someone will say, “If it’s a task required by a curriculum, then it has to be done!” Others will respond that if the subject is not their major, they won’t even bother. Who is right? I’d say both. Who said you can’t have all your assignments done and still have time for fun? All you need to do is implement a few simple recommendations from this article, and you’ll see for yourself!


Make a list of all the tasks you need to do and set the deadline for each of them. Then make a new list in which all your assignments are sorted by the deadlines. So, on the first place you put the most urgent task, then the second urgent and so on.


You will always feel the temptation to do the easiest task and to postpone the most difficult one as much as possible. This time try to make yourself start from the most urgent task, not from the easiest one, focus on it till it’s completely done.

Don’t start anything else, until your top-priority task is done. When you have it ready go back to your list and cross the item number one (the name of your done task) away. Why should you do that? Because it will make you feel that you have everything under control, and it will also give you a desire to continue this way.

Consider your abilities

The next thing you need to do is check all other tasks and deadlines and define if it is physically possible to do all of them on time. Here you have to be realistic. If you plan to do one hundred pages paper over night, you have to be a magician or simply a plagiarist. In case you have a little bit more time and no desire to do the task, you can always use services of one of the websites that specialize on writing academic works.

Of course, some people, especially professors, say ordering papers online is cheating. I’d rather think of it as one person helping another. If I don’t want to spend time on my English 101 assignment (and my major is Physics), why not to ask someone else to do that? A big plus is also that “someone” is an expert or, maybe, even has a degree in the related subject.

A lot of students use such services and get good results. You can be one of them, assuming you choose the right one. As for me, my choice is Essaysape. Its professional writers can do any task for you, and the prices are not so expensive.

Be disciplined

Once you tried to do all your tasks according to the list you need to continue doing so at least for a week to see the first results and at least for twenty one days to develop a habit. As soon as you develop such a habit you will see how your life has significantly changed. You won’t experience that stressful pressure of deadlines and fear of bad points for papers you didn’t pay enough attention to.

However, please, remember that habits also need to be maintained. So, every time you’ll feel like postponing a difficult assignment, just tell yourself, “I can do that. I can be disciplined enough and have all my papers done within deadlines.”