New Photography Trends to Come In 2019

As time goes by, every art develops. Books are published, pictures are painted, and new findings in photography are made. Let’s see what photography trends we can expect to boost in the near future.

  1. Food and dinner parties

Food will remain one of the key focuses and our inherent desire for home cooked meals, and friendly gatherings will be reflected in the photographs of large dinner parties mainly in the countryside setting. Warm colors will dominate, and a fireplace will be a must-have background decoration.

  1. Rich materials and textiles

Picturesque barracks and post-apocalyptic environment will not go out of trend, but from now on they will be accompanied with a bright contrast of velvet and gold.

  1. Domination of light colors

Back to the wild. Photographers step aside from artificial studio environments and look for natural compositions with prevailing whites and off-whites. Simplicity will dominate.

  1. Reviving the 50-s

Photographers are going to discard modern-looking items and go back to clothes and accessories of the middle of the century. Of course, these images will be slightly modified and more sophisticated.

  1. Hello hi-tech!

Okay, it would be just stupid not to show technology in the pictures – we have way too much of it to ignore. Devices will serve as everyday accessories and have no special emphasis.

  1. Pastel pallets

Enough with bright colors, now let’s switch to smooth and calm ones. From now on beige, pastel blue and grey will rule.

  1. Regular things, regular people

Okay, this is not new, but definitely is still working. Mundane objects and mere mortals occupying themselves with everyday things – gardening, laughing, eating, browsing the Internet for websites – will remain the primary topic.

  1. Capturing the moment

Joys and grieves of life captured in a quick snapshot – this is the true art of photography and a dominating tendency. Sincere and spontaneous images will become a thing this season.

  1. Series and sets

This will probably satisfy every perfectionist. The photographs will now reflect a whole set of objects instead of only one – collections, sequences and so on.

  1. The clash of imagination and reality

More and more photographs will combine fictional and reality parts. The outcome might exceed even the boldest of your expectations.

  1. Kittens and stuff

Animal trend will hold on. Not only dogs and kittens, but also turtles, and crocodiles and even insects – anything from the wild world.

  1. Realistic images

We’re all kind of fed up with images so heavily Photoshopped that there is hardly anything left. From now on, we will dig into realism and look at photos with greasy faces and laugh lines instead of Pharaoh masks with polished surfaces.

All in all, the season promises to be eventful. Hold on your cameras and don’t miss the moment!

Janet Brown is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a freelance writer. Her works are available on major art resources, as well as her articles appear on a weekly basis on the websites like Essaysape service. She takes special interest in art and creative writing.