Smart Cheating VS Smart Detection

Cheating is the world-old problem. Who would not cheat when at school or university? Note on palms, a crib hidden in a sleeve or disguised between textbook pages. Student had to use imagination and creativity to remain unnoticed while cheating. These days there is no need for students to rack their brains thinking how to cheat. With rapid technological progress, taking cribs has become easier, making this problem as sharp as ever.

Writings on tiny sheets of papers, once skillfully concealed under the desk, have evolved into messages or pictures in gimmicky smartphones. A teacher can hardly notice a student taking sharp glance at his/her device, where test answers are saved in conscience and easy-to-read form.

Among other sophisticated ways of cheating are iPads or even modern pagers, which with wireless Internet access a (common thing in many universities) can accept information from the World Wide Web.

Designers of innovate technologies have done students a huge favor and caused headaches to educators with one of the latest inventions – smart watch. Under the pretense to monitor time during exams, students use their smart watches to look up information previously copied and downloaded on the device.

Cheating, like an epidemics, has gone far beyond schoolyard and become a whole industry. Buying essays from shady companies students not only put at risk their grades and reputation but also arouse mistrust to the writing services such as Essaysape site, which work fair and provide papers for the purpose of education.

It seems that cheating is impossible to fight off. Still teachers have hit upon the idea how to do it. If technologies are so widely used for cheating, why can’t they be utilized to beat it?  Drive out fire with fire, so to say. According to the survey published in the New York Times more than 50% of schools and colleges recourse to using modern technologies to detect cheated material.

One of the most popular ones is, where students’ papers are checked for originality, looking for the hits on the Internet, e-books and newspapers, and home database.

Time-honored computer, considerably upgraded for the last decade, has come into use as well. Now it teachers’ eyes and ears during exams, recording each student’s move and time spent on tasks completion.

Some combating devices have even outdone those used for cheating. There is software which by means of logic calculates the chances for the test answers to be honest.

Although smart technologies may be an effective weapon against cheating, nothing can be done till the main reasons for cheating are eliminated. For this, educational system should undergo serious reforms, and teachers should pay more attention to correct motivation in studies.